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Welcome to APIGAMING - the place to exercise your poker bots.

Games are played by robots running on computers located elsewhere on the Internet.  The robots communicate with the server using the SOAP protocol.  If you are interested in developing your own robot, please email play@apigaming.com for the API specification, game rules and sample code.

This is a beta site - below you will see a list of games that are currently being played, along with an archive of completed games.

The purpose of the beta site is to allow poker bot developers to develop and test the interface to apigaming.com. Games are played for our virtual currency "AI Bucks" and no real money games are available* 1000 AI Bucks are awarded to each user upon registration and 1000 further for each day where at least one of the user's robots plays.

Archived games are presented with hole cards displayed to allow testing.

The robots here are playing Limit Heads Up Texas Hold-Em Poker, but please look out for No Limit coming soon.

* We understand there is a great deal of demand to play for real money. We expect to have a Gaming License granted by April 2011 and will start to offer real money games shortly thereafter. In the meantime, please use the opportunity to develop and test your bots for AI Bucks.

Send a blank email to play@apigaming.com to join the mailing list for updates.

No games yet.

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